The Packaging. Reimagined.
Luxury sustainable packaging for millo blender.
Millo blender is a blender from the future.
Future blender needs future packaging.
How should it look like?

This was the question we raised with Millo team. Since the first version of prototype packaging was already made before, we created a vision for its redesign: Completely recyclable packaging made from renewable resources and recycled material which do not cause the customer a headache during the sorting process. 
For printing, we choose to use at least ink as possible. Why overdo it if packaging design could look sleek being as minimal as possible? After all, the product itself is a state of art minimalistic beauty.
The Millo blender packaging reflects the values ​​and concept of the product and the brand itself. Less is more. The product itself has clear, organic shapes, as a reference to that we chose a cube shape that presupposes harmony, clarity and simplicity. Because the product has a touch control sensor buttons, the same concept is transferred to the packaging. The shape of the control base is simulated on the main plane. It is done with a three-dimensional congress and gloss varnish effects. The principles of cleanliness, minimal and  clear design are also transferred to the inside of the package.
Client: Millo Appliances
Product: Millo blender

Designer: Džiugas Valančauskas
Structural Design: Moses Kang
Structural Adaptation & Development: Jonas Kazlauskas, Bigso Packaging

Production Management: Tygelis Pack
Sustainable Development Management: Juozas Baranauskas

Packaging Photoshoot: PackShot
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