Gubernijos Bread Kvass

Gubernijos Gira is one of the most popular kvass brands in Lithuania. People know and drink it. Even those who didn’t drink it definitely knew the old packaging. Our task was to renew the well-established image and create a more modern label. We had a wish to modify the image of kvass: for it to become seen as a trendy fizzy drink instead of something that is drunk in the countryside around a wooden table only. The biggest challenge was to create a new look that wouldn’t offend the old fans, and, at the same time, appeal to the new young ones. To do that, we created an artwork that looks fresh but pays homage to the heart of the traditional product. For the light kvass, the illustration shows a wheat field with a little bit of horizon visible. The scene depicts a stork carrying light bread in its beak. On the other hand, to reveal the essence of the dark kvass, we show a rye field and create an emotion portraying birds delivering bread loafs.
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