Fonos is a smartphones brand.
Our job: knock everything up together, from its name to the phone screensavers.​​​​​​​

Lithuanian consumers have an option to choose from a variety of budget smartphones. 
The budget smartphones market is noticeably broad, and because buyers favour globally known and trusted brands it is extremely challenging for any new player to chip into.
We had to fulfil the product USP - value for money and generate an element of trust.
Our Solution
Fonos’s name is linked to sound, conversation and the phone’s other functions. The visual symbol of a sleek bird reinforces  the brand’s identity symbolizing communication. The brand’s other elements are directed to creating a trustworthy, refreshing and dynamic image.
The dominant red colour brings to mind energy. By using a gradient colour scheme, the backgrounds become lively and clear-cut. Paired with balanced graphic elements, the brand’s visual touch-ups are coherent, making FONOS accessible to everyone.
The Results
During the first year after releasing Fonos devices were exported to other Baltic countries. Brand became international. 
During the first month after releasing Fonos O2 sales in price segment of 150 Eur reached the second place in the market, in price segment of 200 Eur reached the fourth place.​​​​​​
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